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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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places there were problems with voters being able to vote at the machines, so he has asked that the polls that stay open until 10:00 p.m. tonight. the board of elections is considering what he has to say, but at this point is still 8:00 p.m. for gray, it all started when he did not like where he signed his own precinct. >> candidate vince gray was livid with the board of elections. for him, it started in is printing factory finished his own ballot and the scanning device did not work. -- it started in his own precinct when he finished his own ballot and the scanning device did not work. that did not stop problems and that many as 20% of the polling places today. according to the director, minor problems. >> this is typical of what
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happens when jurisdictions put out new voting equipment. >> as for the other major candidate, mayor fenty, no complaints. and at the day with voters. -- an upbeat day with voters. >> they love the new affordable housing and other programs and are set to continue it for another four years. >> but for some, i was not pleasant. >> it was frustrating. i have a disability, so i was like, don. -- i'm gone. >> vincent gray has called for poles to stay open until 10:00 p.m. tonight, but as of right now, the 143 voting stations are set to close at 8:00 p.m.
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>> thank you, sam. one high-profile voter who is staying out of this race is president obama, even though incumbent mayor fenty has asked for its endorsement. -- his endorsement. the president does not get involved in every single race and did not get involved in a .ot of them today >> the two top delegates for county executive in prince george's county, brad bell is live with the latest. >> we are outside a polling place here and have not heard of any problems with the touch screen of voting machines they use. things have been going quite smoothly. they have not really been pressured. we have not seen a lot of voter
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turnout. >> the buzz around prince george's county today is that so far there seems to be very little buzz. turn out is low, even for an off year election. at one middle school it was considered about half of what was considered normal. those who did vote said they would not even dream of staying home. >> our voices counted. that is why i'm here. >> this year is an important election for prince georgians. they are voting for a new sheriff and at the top of the ticket, a new candid -- a new county executive. baker is a former delegate, making his third run for executive. >> i feel good about where things are going. i think it is going to be good. >> mike jackson has twice
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successfully run for sheriff and is looking to transition into the top job in upper -- the top job in upper marlboro. neither candidate knows what the low turnout means for their chances. back in kettering, longtime polley place campaigner -- polling place campaigner, jennifer bell, says -- >> come out and make a difference from you believe should lead prince george's county. -- for whom you believe should be prince george's county. >> as of 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, only 9% of the voters had shown up to vote. but the voters -- the polls are open for another couple of hours and it is hoped that people will come when they get off work. >> this is delaware with mike
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castle, one of the more contested races there. he is facing a fierce tea party debate. the winner will face chris itunes. he is running unopposed. -- chris koons. me is running unopposed. >> we have an update on a breaking story refers reported at tight -- 5:00. french media reports that the subway station near notre dame cathedral received a bomb threat similar to the one given the eiffel tower. the tower and areas nearby were evacuated after an anonymous " -- an anonymous caller phoned in the threat. about 3000 people were cleared from the scene has please check for anything suspicious. >> operators and are at --
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operators on the farm at the center of a big salmonella outbreak might have known about the problem years earlier. they have received four positive results for salmonella in the eggs in it two years before the outbreak. >> a new statement in the fight over the bush tax cuts. >> all of the bush tax cuts should be extended temporarily. drugs -- >> he says that big tax cuts should be extended for couples making more than $250,000 per year. the white house only once to make tax cuts for those making less than that. >> coming up, a push to give local teenagers a fighting chance. how this boxing class is
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providing hope. >> 1 release, to still in captivity, and the $500,000 in bail is a mystery. >> after those two hurricanes, a brand new tropical storm. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
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>> news choppers 7 was over the scene of a pedestrian accidents in prince george's county that has left a postal worker dead. it county police cruiser struck 62-year-old ronald burgess and about 60 -- at about 6:30 a.m. this morning. he later died at the hospital. burgess, and mail handlers since 1985 was walking to the post office. >> >shourd, one of three american hikers held in iran on has been large charges, was freed -- on espionage charges
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was freed today. she and two others for a resident in iran after entering illegally. they were accused of spying. >> i want to offer my thanks to everyone in the room, all of the government people involved. >> the other two remain behind bars, and the lawyer for all three of says he hopes they will also be freed soon. it is not known who satisfy demand for $500,000 bail. neither her family nor the u.s. government put up the money. >> a federal judge in florida says he will allow parts of the -- a lawsuit to go to
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trial that contends that the government is forcing people to have health insurance. >> our weather is once again a winner. how long will it last? >> speaking of winners, you would think the redskins would still be celebrating know, clinton for this has thrown himself into a think about the internet.
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daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ >> a u the boxing program just wants to fight for its survival -- a youth boxing program wants to fight for its survival. >> it is giving youngsters on the treats a chance to -- on the streets a chance to dream. >> it means more to me than anything else. >> the gerrie main boxing program lives on the sweat and blood of volunteers. still, its operating costs are
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upwards of $30,000 per year, but members say the rewards are priceless. and thanks to $10,000 in grant money from local governments, the club will remain a family for the near future. takes kids ages 6 on up and they say it's builds character and gives them a place to blow off steam. but the idea is to get them in here -- >> the idea is to get them in here and give them the idea of doing something different with their lives. >> this can man was in trouble, and getting in fights, and has not gotten anything bullfights since coming here. now he is thinking about his future -- has not gotten in any fights since coming year. now he's thinking about his future. >> i want to go to college.
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>> they say it is the changes outside the ring that make all the difference. >> there is no losing. >> more trouble is brewing in the tropics. new hurricane video shows both the giants from space, first hurricane igor now a category four. julia is on its way to become the fifth of the season. and then there is tropical storm karl. >> let's get right to it. first, on the right-hand side of the screen, that is hurricane julia with top winds of 80 miles per hour. it poses no threat. the second, right in the middle of the screen, hurricane igor. this is going to be a problem
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and then will diminish to category 3 status. right now, it might over -- might pass over the run on sunday. -- pass over lira on sunday. it could hit the yucatan peninsula some time on thursday. meanwhile, let's talk about what is happening around here. 84 and 65 for the high and low today. over the next six to 10 days will have above average days. the pollen count is really high and the weed category as well. and once again, ragweed. the wood is interesting about ragweed -- what is interesting about ragweed, the red line
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indicates what the actual peak is. it is still climbing. it is much higher than what we have normally have had. the good news is, over the next week to 10 days id should rapidly diminished. -- it should rapidly diminished. we will see a break in the temperatures briefly, but then they will rebuild. not much in the way of rain. a little disturbance late friday night and early friday -- late thursday night and early friday morning. but that is dead. sunshine -- that is it. after that, a prolonged time of dry.
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sunshine and warm temperatures as we head into next week and maybe will be on tuesday of next week as well. >> you will always be welcome in my locker room. >> i say, keep them all out of the locker room. no males or females in the locker room. the redskins are off today, and you would think they would still be celebrating the win over dallas, but clinton portis has caused a controversy. there are accusations of sexual harassment. so, portis responded with this. >> when you put a woman in there and you have 53 athletes.
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i know you are doing a job, at the same time [unintelligible] >> clinton has now apologized. the nfl almost immediately released a statement that said his comments were inappropriate and have no place in the nfl. but again, clinton apologized and i say, there should not be male or female personnel in the locker room. put a room outside the locker room and if they want to talk to the media, they can come in there. kansas city. the chargers and jeeps in this game blew up quickly. -- the chargers and the chiefs in this game blew up quickly. the chiefs go on to beat the chargers. the final in that game was 21- 14.
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mchenry has been -- brignac henry has been in college park this afternoon. >> there is a buzz around college football today as the two prepared to face virginia. after a blowout against morgan state last week, this team's confidence is riding high. >> we cannot wait. we have a phrase called "to note that rock" and we just yell it at each other. >> they've gone from everybody criticizing them and second- guessing them to everybody patting them on the back. it is human nature that you want to relax and enjoy that. >> the mountaineers racked up 468 yards in total offense against marshall, especially thanks to quarterback gino smith.
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but maryland said it can more than handle the challenge. >> he's got to be focused a lot then. >> and finally, regy bush has returned his heisman trophy. the u.s.c. has already returned its copy. he is the first player ever to vacate the heisman trophy. there you have it. no more in the locker room. >> no more males or females. the media goes into the media room and you go back to the penalty room. >> what do you know? >> a democratic defeat this november might doom president obama's chances of passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill in his first term. most republicans will not
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support a legalization plan for immigrants. support a legalization plan for immigrants.
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>> any word on the eve more -- on igor? >> later tonight we will have
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the latest on that trio of tropical troublemakers. nothing around here. tropical troublemakers. nothing around here.
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